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Further studies on the systematics for Ctenizid trapdoor spiders: a review of the Australian genera (Araneae : Mygalomorphae : Ctenizidae)

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Australian Journal of Zoology Supplementary Series 33(108) 1 - 84
Published: 1985


The family Ctenizidae is redefined and the Australian genera, for the present, are allocated to the subfamilies Ctenizinae and Homogoninae and to the tribes Pachylomerini, Aganippini, Cataxini, Arbanitini and Homogonini. Of the twenty-one nominal genera, ten are accepted here as valid genera within the Ctenizidae and one new genus, Neohomogona, is described. All accepted genera and the typespecies of newly synonymized genera are diagnosed. The new species Neohomogona bolganupensis, N. stirlingi and Cataxia dietrichae are described. The validity of Arbanitis Koch is justified in order to maintain nomenclatural stability. The genera Evoplos Rainbow, Albanians Rainbow & Pulleine, Bancroftiana Rainbow & Pulleine and Armadalia Rainbow & Pulleine are newly synonymized with Arbanitis, and Cantuaria Hogg is again sunk in Arbanitis. Hermeas Karsch, Dyarcyops Hogg and Megalosara Rainbow are newly synonymized with Misgolas Karsch, and Cantuarides Strand is newly synonymized with Blakistonia Hogg. All nominal Australian species attributed to the Ctenizidae are allocated to genera as here diagnosed or removed to other families; several species originally placed in other families are transferred to the Ctenizidae. Of the eleven genera occurring in Australia, eight are endemic (Aganippe Cambridge, Idiosoma Ausserer, Eucyrtops Pocock, Anidiops Pocock, Cataxia Rainbow, Blakistonia Hogg, Homogona Rainbow, and Neohomogona, gen, nov.), two share a geographic range with New Zealand (Arbanitis and Misgolas), and one, Conothele Thorell, ranges through southeast Asia and New Guinea into Australia. The distribution of genera within Australia and their natural history are briefly discussed.

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