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Studies on the morphology and relationships of male Apiomorpha and Opisthoscelis (Hemiptera : Coccoidea)

JG Theron

Australian Journal of Zoology 16(1) 87 - 99
Published: 1968


The morphology of males of the Australian gall-making coccids of the genera Apiomorpha and Opisthoscelis is described. The males of these two genera differ very markedly in the structure of their abdomens, the abdomen of Opisthoscelis being long and slender with greatly modified genitalia. In other respects they are fairly similar and both genera undoubtedly belong to the lecanoid group of the Coccoidea, as is shown by the lack of compound eyes and abdominal spiracles and the possession of a cranial apophysis and a cervical groove. Their true relationships with the various families comprising the lecanoid group, however, remain uncertain, but they show some affinity with the Eriococcidae, especially in the structure of the genitalia.

© CSIRO 1968

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