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Abbreviata (Nematoda: Physalopteroidea) From Western Australian Snakes.

HI Jones

Australian Journal of Zoology 26(4) 789 - 807
Published: 1978


Four new species of Abbreviata (Physalopteridae) are reported from Western Australian snakes, viz. Abbreviata barrowi, sp. nov., Abbreviata occidentalis, sp. nov., Abbreviata kumarinae, sp. nov., and Abbreviata aechmespiculum, sp, nov. Larval Abbreviata not identifiable to species were found in almost half the snakes examined. These were almost absent from the south-west part of Western Australia and were most prevalent in the north of the state. Infections could not be related to season, or to food residues in the hosts. It is suggested that these larvae were unable to mature in the snakes, which were acting as paratenic hosts, and that the most likely definitive hosts were Varanus lizards. A key to the Abbreviata species from Australian and Papua New Guinea reptiles is provided.

© CSIRO 1978

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