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Comments on the Classification of the Orthopteran Family Tettigoniidae, With a Key to Subfamilies and Description of Two New Subfamilies.

DCF Rentz

Australian Journal of Zoology 27(6) 991 - 1013
Published: 1979


The present status of the classification of the family Tettigoniidae is discussed and a reclassification and an illustrated key to subfamilies are presented. Two new subfamilies are described: Apteropedetinae from the Andes of South America containing one genus (Apteropedetes, gen. nov.) and one species; Microtettigoniinae from southern Australia, containing one genus (Microtettigonia, gen. nov.) and two species (M. kangaroo, sp. nov., and M. tachys, sp. nov.).

© CSIRO 1979

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