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The Caddis-Flies (Trichoptera) of South -Western Australia

A Neboiss

Australian Journal of Zoology 30(2) 271 - 325
Published: 1982


The caddis-flies of south-western Australia, the western section of Bassian province, have been examined; 48 species in nine families are recorded, descriptions of 24 new species are given and one species is synonymized; 79% of the species appear to be endemic. Only three families of the superfamily Limnephiloidea are recorded compared with 16 in the eastern section of the Bassian province. The Ecnomus continentalis species complex is briefly discussed, the lectotype male of Ecnomus continentalis is designated, figured and redefined; three new species, including one from eastern Australia, are described.

© CSIRO 1982

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