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The Biology and Herbivory Rates of Novacastria Nothofagi Selman (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a New Genus and Species on Nothofagus Moorei in Australian Temperate Rain Forests.

BJ Selman and MD Lowman

Australian Journal of Zoology 31(2) 179 - 191
Published: 1983


Novacastria nothofagi Selman, a new species and genus, is described and illustrated. A new key is produced to the genera related to Calomela Hope, incorporating Novacastria, gen. nov. The larvae feed exclusively on the young leaves of Antarctic beech, Nothofagus moorei, in Australian cool temperate rainforests. Larval emergence is synchronous with the simultaneous leaf flush of beech that occurs during spring (September-October). The larvae annually ate up to 50% of the new leaf flush over three years, and ignored old leaf material also present in the canopy. Despite this high rate of herbivory, beech canopies appear to tolerate what appears to be a pest outbreak.

© CSIRO 1983

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