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The Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Western Australia

HBN Hynes and SE Bunn

Australian Journal of Zoology 32(1) 97 - 107
Published: 1984


Four species of stoneflies, all Gripopterygidae, are now known from Western Australia. Riekoperla occidentalis, sp. nov., is described, together with its nymph. The nymphs of Leptoperla australica and Newmanoperla exigua are described for the first time, and sufficient descriptions and figures are given of the adults to provide for their ready identification. The adults of a poorly known species of Dinotoperla from Mingenew are also described and compared with D. bassae from Victoria, which it resembles. It is possible that this is the only species that is not endemic to Western Australia.

© CSIRO 1984

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