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Revision of the Australian Scutelleridae Leach (Hemiptera).

FJD McDonald and G Cassis

Australian Journal of Zoology 32(4) 537 - 572
Published: 1984


The Australian members of the Scutelleridae are revised. Twelve species are recognized. Descriptions, diagnostic measurements and keys are provided for the identification of these species. The following new synonymy is recognized: Coleotichus discrepans Walker, 1867, C. sordidus Walker, 1867, C. nigrovarians Walker, 1867, and C, testaceous Walker, 1867, as junior synonyms of Coleotichus artensis (Montrouzier, 1858); Philiafulgurans, Stal 1873, P. aerea Distant, 1892, P. femorata Distant, 1899, and P. insignis Schouteden, 1904, are junior synonyms of Lampromicra senator (Fabricius, 1803); and Calliscyta australis Distant, 1899 is a junior synonym of Choerocoris stalii (Vollenhoven, 1863). Choerocoris stalii (Vollenhoven, 1863) is transferred from Calliscyta. A new subfamily, Tectocorinae, is erected for Tectocoris Hahn, 1834.

© CSIRO 1984

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