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Nitrogen and Urea Metabolism and Nitrogen Requirements of the Common Ringtail Possum, Pseudocheirus Peregrinus, Fed Eucalyptus Andrewsii Foliage.

MJ Chilcott and ID Hume

Australian Journal of Zoology 32(5) 615 - 622
Published: 1984


The maintenance nitrogen requirement of mature common ringtail possums, Pseudocheirusperegrinus, feeding on a sole diet of Eucalyptus andrewsii foliage was estimated to be 380¹ on a dietary basis and 290¹ on a truly digestible basis. The difference between these two estimates was due to a low true digestibility of nitrogen of 79%. Apparent digestibility of nitrogen was 58%. The level of urea metabolism in the ringtail was low compared with other herbivores. Only 40 mg was recycled to the gut each day, but this was 96% of irreversible loss rate (i.e. endogenous synthesis rate) and 11% of the ringtail's intake of truly digestible nitrogen. A low maintenance requirement for nitrogen, together with the recycling of a high proportion of endogenous urea to the gut, helps to explain the ability of the ringtail possum to remain in positive nitrogen balance on a sole diet of E. andrewsii foliage of only 1.1% nitrogen content.

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