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Australian and New Guinea Species of the Forcipomyia Subgenus Euprojoannisia (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae).

ML Debenham and WW Wirth

Australian Journal of Zoology 32(6) 851 - 889
Published: 1984


The flower-visiting species of the Forcipomyia subgenus Euprojoannisia are known to be significant pollinators of cacao, and possibly also of other commercial crops such as rubber and avocado. The subgenus, although recorded from New Guinea, has not previously been recognised in Australia. The present study shows that three Forcipomyia described by Skuse in 1889-subnitida, saltivaga and aequalis-are species of Euprojoannisia, and that two species described from the Oriental Region and New Guinea, sauteri Kieffer, 1912 and fuscimanus (Kieffer, 1921), also occur in Australia. A further six species, vandiemeni, bellerophon, dycei, deucalionis, galeata and sagittarius, are described from Australia, one-calamistrata-from Australia and Papua, and one-iaculum-from New Guinea. The recorded biology of the subgenus is surveyed, and the possible origins of the Australian fauna discussed.

© CSIRO 1984

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