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Evolutionary, molecular and comparative zoology

Revision of Australian Holoptilinae (Reduviidae: Heteroptera)

MB Malipatil

Australian Journal of Zoology 33(2) 283 - 299
Published: 1985


The following new species are described: Ptilocnemus darwinensis. sp, nov.; P. distinctus, sp, nov.; P. kakaduensis. sp. nov.; P. borealis, sp. nov. The following synonymies are made: Ptilocnemus plumifer Horvath, 1902 with P. lemur (Westwood. 1840); Ptilocnemus velutinus Miller, 1950, P. occidentalis Miller. 1950. P. glis Miller, 1950, P. tasmaniae Miller, 1950, P. funereus Miller, 1950, and P. opacus Miller, 1950 with P. sidnicus Mayr. 1865: Ptilocnemus vittatus Miller, 1957 with P. pallidus Miller, 1950; Platycnemocoris Miller. 1950 with Smiliopus Bergroth, 1909; Smiliopus compressipes Bergroth, 1909 and Platycnemocoris musculus Miller, 1950 with Ptilocnemus quadrinotatus Reuter, 1883, which is transferred to Smiliopus. Keys to the genera of Australian Holoptilinae and the species of the Australian endemic genus Ptilocnemus are provided. Lectotypes have been designated for Ptilocnemus lemur (Westwood) and P sidnicus Mayr.

© CSIRO 1985

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