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Hematozoa of Fishes From Heron Island, Australia, With the Description of 2 New Species of Trypanosoma

EM Burreson

Australian Journal of Zoology 37(1) 15 - 23
Published: 1989


Two species of Trypanosoma, three species of Haemogregarina and one species of Haemohormidium were found in 69 fishes belonging to 28 species. Trypanosoma mackerrasi, sp, nov., from Hemiscyllium ocellatum, measures 125 µm long by 18 µm wide, has no free flagellum, and has the kinetoplast located 37% of the body length from the posterior end. Trypanosoma taeniurae, sp. nov., from Taeniura lymma measures 55 µm long by 4 µm wide and has a free flagellum 9 µm long. Haemogregarina hemiscyllii was found in H. ocellatum, H. tetraodontis parasitised Diodon hystrix, and H. bigemina was found in Ecsenius bicolor. A species of Haemohorrnidium was found in Pomacentrus melanochir, but it could not be identified with certainty.

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