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Phylogenetic-Relationships of the Marsupial Mole, Notoryctes-Typhlops (Marsupialia, Notoryctidae)

M Westerman

Australian Journal of Zoology 39(5) 529 - 537
Published: 1991


The phylogenetic position of the marsupial mole, Notorcytes typhlops, has been difficult to ascertain with morphological characters because of its highly specialised fossorial lifestyle. On the basis of serological data, Kirsch (1977b) suggested that this species was sufficiently different from other marsupials to warrant placing it in its own suborder. Using the DNA-DNA hybridisation technique on single-copy DNA to assess sequence differences over the entire genome, I confirm that N. typhlops is not closely related to any other marsupial family, and warrants placement in its own order.

© CSIRO 1991

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