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Evolution in New-Guinean Muridae (Rodentia) Assessed by Microcomplement Fixation of Albumin

CHS Watts and PR Baverstock

Australian Journal of Zoology 42(3) 295 - 306
Published: 1994


The interrelationships of 19 genera and 28 species of New Guinean rodents representing 80% of the currently recognised New Guinean genera, were studied using microcomplement fixation of albumin to measure immunological distances among genera. The phylogenetic distinctiveness of Rattus and the closely related Stenomys from all other genera was confirmed. The remaining genera fall into three groups: (i) Lorentzimys; (ii) Anisomys, Coccymys, Chiruromys, Hyomys, Macruromys, Mallomys and Pogonomys; and (iii) Crossomys, Hydromys, Leptomys, Mayermys, Melomys, Neohydromys, Parahydromys, Pseudohydromys and Uromys. Solomys, from the Solomon islands, and Leggadina, Mesembriomys and Xeromys, from Australia, were shown to belong to this latter group. Groups (i) and (ii) are essentially endemic to New Guinea, while the third shares genera and species with Australia.

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