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The ECOS blog provides short, easy-to-read articles on leading-edge environmental research. It is an invaluable resource for every school, government and community library, and for science journalists, planners, environmentalists and students. The ECOS Archive, accessible via the blog, brings together 40 years of sustainability articles from 1974-2014.

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ScienceImage is an image library specialising in science and nature; an essential resource for publishers, media, students or teachers who need to source scientific images. Whether you are a journalist writing an article about a general scientific issue or CSIRO, a teacher or student working on a science project, or a publisher needing an image for publication, ScienceImage has a comprehensive range of spectacular image solutions to help meet your needs.

ScienceImage also hosts CSIRO┬┤s digital database of film and video productions. View the history of CSIRO online, and easily search for footage to suit your requirements.

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