Secrets of the Saltmarsh

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Explore the fascinating world of saltmarsh wetlands in this lyrical and beautiful picture book.

You will find me where land meets sea … + Full description

Saltmarshes are full of energy and life. They provide food and shelter for migratory birds as well as microscopic plants and animals. They also protect our coastlines. Most of all, saltmarshes are places of discovery and wonder.

With lyrical text and captivating illustrations, Secrets of the Saltmarsh offers a close-up look at the fascinating world of saltmarsh wetlands.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5–9.

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"This is a thoughtful book, gently introducing us to those things that shape and live in the saltmarsh. You realise what a diverse range of animals live in these areas and how important they are to our environment overall, although often destroyed through development."
Jane Stephens, Good Reading, December 2023

"My kids are drawn to our local wetlands like moths to a flame, and this book beautifully illuminates the world of saltmarsh wetlands in Australia. The lyrical first person narrative introduces young readers to the concept of personification and varying points of view in a narrative. Vibrant illustrations will captivate and delight young readers"
Aussie Kids Books (Facebook), 16 December 2023

"The illustrations are in beautiful colours reflecting the marine and land environment, along with a double page of life cycles."
Lynne Babbage, CBCA Reading Time, 2 November 2023

"This new book for younger readers by a master of narrative non fiction starts to raise awareness from an early age. From the front endpaper featuring just some of the birds that can be found to the final one featuring fingerling fish, the book is a masterpiece of introducing this special, little-known environment. "
Barbara Braxton, The BottomShelf, 16 November 2023


Hardback | November 2023 | $ 24.99
ISBN: 9781486317141 | 32 pages | 250 x 250 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | November 2023
ISBN: 9781486317158
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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ePUB | November 2023
ISBN: 9781486317165
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
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  • Explores the wonders of saltmarsh wetlands found across Australia.
  • Describes the water cycle, tides, life cycles, plants, animals and migratory birds found in saltmarshes.
  • Highlights the importance of this habitat for coastline conservation.


Claire Saxby is an award-winning writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for young people.

Alicia Rogerson is an artist and illustrator who spends her days painting and dreaming. She is also the illustrator of One Potoroo.

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