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CSIRO Land Research Surveys CSIRO Land Research Surveys Society
Mapping Land Resources in Australia and Papua New Guinea

Online Access

In recognition of the enduring value of these reports, particularly as historical information about these areas prior to recent changes in land use, the CSIRO has undertaken to make all reports openly available electronically. The support of CSIRO Chief Executive Megan Clark to complete the work is gratefully acknowledged.

An abstract and PDF text file of each Report are provided and raster copies of maps as JPG files are included. Vector copies of some maps are available from other Commonwealth and State agencies and access details are provided where appropriate.

Original aerial photograph collections are maintained by CSIRO Land and Water. These photographs generally have the location of observation (query) points marked and maintain mapping unit boundaries. In some cases, airphoto mosaics and working maps are also available, again with boundaries of mapping units or land systems shown. CSIRO Land and Water also maintains collections of photographs from observation sites and other places (and events) in the survey areas. Unfortunately, very few of the original field books and “query sheets” are now available.

The custodian for this collection is