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Mould contamination of dwellings after flooding

Heike G. Neumeister-Kemp A * , Lara M. Kemp A and Natalie M. Tijsen A
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A R&D Department, Mycotec, 9 Water Street, Wentworthville, Sydney, NSW 2145, Australia.

Dr Heike Neumeister-Kemp is the principal mycologist, founder and CEO of Mycotec. Heike is world renowned as a leading expert in the field of Environmental Mycology. Her passion for education and human rights helped to found the Indoor-Air-Quality Industry in Australia. Affectionately known as the ‘Mould Lady’, she is personally responsible for saving the homes, hospital’s and lives of countless people through her work.

Lara Kemp is a science journalist at Mycotec. Lara is an innovative communicator, dedicated to enhancing public understanding of science and technology in the modern world.

Natalie Tijsen is a Wildlife Ecologist with a BSc in Forensics. Natalie is a bright young scientist and new pioneer in the field of mycology. Her love of ecology and forensic background have combined to create the perfect forensic mycologist.

* Correspondence to:

Microbiology Australia 44(4) 202-206
Submitted: 28 October 2023  Accepted: 31 October 2023   Published: 17 November 2023

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Adding to the havoc: microbiology and management following natural disasters
Kurtböke İpek, Çiçek Candan, Macreadie Ian
Microbiology Australia. 2023 44(4). p.175

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