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Advances in the aquatic sciences

Predicting food consumption of fish populations as functions of mortality, food type, morphometrics, temperature and salinity

Maria Lourdes D. Palomares and Daniel Pauly

Marine and Freshwater Research 49(5) 447 - 453
Published: 1998


A large data set of relative food-consumption estimates (Q/B) of marine and freshwater fish populations (n = 108 populations, 38 species) is documented and used to derive a predictive model for Q/B, using asymptotic weight, habitat temperature, a morphological variable and food type as independent variables. Salinity is shown to have no effect on Q/B in fish well adapted to fresh or salt water (other things being equal), while mortality (Z), has a strong, positive effect on Q/B and on gross food-conversion efficiency (defined by GE = Z/(Q/B)), by affecting the ratio of small:large fish. The empirical models thus derived should be useful for parameterization of trophic models of ecosystems and similar applications.

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