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Advances in the aquatic sciences

Egg and larval abundance and spawning localities of the anchovy (Engraulis australis) and pilchard (Sardinops neopilchardus) near Phillip Island, Victoria

FE Hoedt and WF Dimmlich

Marine and Freshwater Research 46(4) 735 - 743
Published: 1995


The distribution and abundance of the eggs and larvae of the anchovy (Engraulis australis) and pilchard (Sardinops neopilchardus) were determined for the waters near Phillip Island between May 1992 and January 1994. Eggs and larvae of both species were common in these waters, indicating that this region is an important spawning area for both species. Pilchard eggs and larvae occurred at sample stations in Bass Strait and in the western entrance to Western Port. Anchovy eggs and larvae were collected both within Western Port and at most plankton stations in Bass Strait. The mean density of anchovy eggs in Western Port differed markedly between the two spawning seasons, suggesting that the number of adult fish spawning therein can vary between years. Densities of pilchard eggs and of the larvae of both species exhibited considerable spatial variability in Bass Strait.

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