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International Journal of Wildland Fire International Journal of Wildland Fire Society
Journal of the International Association of Wildland Fire

Feasibility of forest-fire smoke detection using lidar

Andrei B. Utkin, Armando Fernandes, Fernando Simões, Alexander Lavrov and Rui Vilar

International Journal of Wildland Fire 12(2) 159 - 166
Published: 27 June 2003


The feasibility and fundamentals of forest fire detection by smoke sensing with single-wavelength lidar are discussed with reference to results of 532-nm lidar measurements of smoke plumes from experimental forest fires in Portugal within the scope of the Gestosa 2001 project. The investigations included tracing smoke-plume evolution, estimating forest-fire alarm promptness, and smoke-plume location by azimuth rastering of the lidar optical axis. The possibility of locating a smoke plume whose source is out of line of sight and detection under extremely unfavourable visibility conditions was also demonstrated. The eye hazard problem is addressed and three possibilities of providing eye-safety conditions without loss of lidar sensitivity (namely, using a low energy-per-pulse and high repetition-rate laser, an expanded laser beam, or eye-safe radiation) are discussed.

Keywords: remote sensing, Gestosa.

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