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International Journal of Wildland Fire International Journal of Wildland Fire Society
Journal of the International Association of Wildland Fire

Celebrating 30 Years of Wildland Fire Science Publication

International Journal of Wildland Fire (IJWF), the official journal of the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), was started in 1991 to provide the international wildland fire science and fire management community with a much-needed peer-reviewed outlet for the latest research on all aspects of wildland fire. Since its inception, IJWF has published over 1800 original research and review papers on a wide range of topics relevant to wildland fire science and management. IJWF is a top quartile journal that consistently ranks in the top ten of over 60 journals in the Forestry category of Clarivate Analytics.

In celebration of the Journal’s 30th anniversary, we have put together this virtual issue that includes a selection of review papers published in IJWF over the past 12 years, a compilation that highlights the wide range of disciplines in wildland fire research. Topics include fire economics; firefighter health and safety; fire behaviour and emissions; fire management; remote sensing of fire and fuels; effects of fire on vegetation, mammals, runoff and erosion; human health effects; indigenous fire management; and interactions between fire and climate change.

In line with our commitment to diversity, its authors and co-authors come from at least seven countries, and the corresponding authors on six of the 15 papers are female. We invite you to explore the full breadth of topics included in this virtual issue.

Susan G. Conard, Editor-in-Chief

Stefan Doerr, Editor-in-Chief

Jenny Foster, Publisher

(May 2021)

Published 09 July 2019

Fire behaviour and smoke modelling: model improvement and measurement needs for next-generation smoke research and forecasting systems

Yongqiang Liu , Adam Kochanski , Kirk R. Baker , William Mell , Rodman Linn , Ronan Paugam , Jan Mandel , Aime Fournier , Mary Ann Jenkins , Scott Goodrick , Gary Achtemeier , Fengjun Zhao , Roger Ottmar , Nancy H. F. French 0000-0002-2389-3003 , Narasimhan Larkin , Timothy Brown , Andrew Hudak , Matthew Dickinson , Brian Potter , Craig Clements , Shawn Urbanski , Susan Prichard , Adam Watts and Derek McNamara
International Journal of Wildland Fire 28 (8) pp.570 - 588
Published 17 August 2015

Wildfire smoke and public health risk

Fabienne Reisen , Sandra M. Duran , Mike Flannigan , Catherine Elliott and Karen Rideout
International Journal of Wildland Fire 24 (8) pp.1029 - 1044