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Ecology, management and conservation in natural and modified habitats

Fertility Control for Wildlife in the 21st Century

This collection of Wildlife Research papers features selected presentations from the 9th International Conference on Wildlife Fertility Control, held in Colorado Springs (USA) in 2022. These studies showcase the wide spectrum of topics that covered novel contraceptives tested on several species, ranging from mice to elephants. They also illustrate new methods to deliver contraceptives, models on the impact of fertility control on populations, feasibility, cost of practical applications of fertility control, discussions on animal welfare and human dimension of these approaches.

Guest Editors
Cheryl S. Asa (Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Reproductive Management Center at the Saint Louis Zoo)
Stephanie L. Boyles Griffin (Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control (BIWFC))
Douglas Eckery (USDA APHIS WS National Wildlife Research Center)
Lyn A. Hinds (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO))
Giovanna Massei (Botstiber Institute for Wildlife Fertility Control)