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Molecular and morphological evidence for a new genus of small trapdoor spiders from arid Western Australia (Araneae: Mygalomorphae: Nemesiidae: Anaminae)

Mark Castalanelli , Joel Huey , Mia Hillyer , Mark Harvey


The trapdoor spider family Nemesiidae comprises 14 genera in Australia, the majority of which are included in the subfamily Anaminae. Here we provide evidence from a multigene molecular analysis of all anamine genera for a previously unrecognised clade that also differs from its sister-genus, Aname L. Koch, by the lack of a prominent asetose ventral depression on the pedipalpal tibia and has a medium-sized mating spur on tibia I of males. The genus, named Hesperonatalius, is represented by three new species: H. maxwelli, H. harrietae and H. langlandsi, all from arid Western Australia.

IS16061  Accepted 27 March 2017

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