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Taxonomic reassessment of species within the chrysaoros group of Calisto (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae).

Rayner Núñez Aguila , Antonio Pérez-Asso , Julio Genaro


The taxonomic status of Hispaniolan species of Calisto Hübner 1823 formerly included in the groups archebates and hysius of Bates (1935) is reassessed. The problem was approached following the traditional morphological characters employed in genus taxonomy and the COI barcode sequences obtained were analyzed through different methods: Neighbor Joining clustering, ABGD, Median Joining Haplotype Networks, Maximum Likelihood (ML), and Bayesian Inference (BI). Analysis yielded two deeply separated groups or putative species: C. clydoniata and C. chrysaoros. A shallower split was found, except in BI approach, among populations of southern and northern Hispaniola paleo–islands. In the light of these findings we propose the recognition of two species: C. clydoniata and C. chrysaoros. Within the latter, the populations of the Southern and Northern Hispaniola paleo–islands should be recognized as different subspecies: C. chrysaoros chrysaoros Bates and C. chrysaoros galii Schwartz, respectively. Calisto clenchi, new syn. is a synonym of C. chrysaoros chrysaoros whereas C. galii galli new syn. and C. galii choneupsilon new syn. are synonyms of C. chrysaoros galii.

IS17001  Accepted 26 April 2017

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