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Re-interpreting the taxonomy of the genera Atopochetus Attems, 1953, Litostrophus Chamberlin, 1921 and Tonkinbolus Verhoeff, 1938 (Diplopoda: Spirobolida: Pachybolidae), with descriptions of nine new species

Piyatida Pimvichai , Henrik Enghoff , Somsak Panha , Thierry Backeljau


Species-level taxonomy and phylogeny of two genera of Southeast (SE) Asian pachybolid millipedes are analyzed with a combination of morphological characters and DNA sequences (two mitochondrial gene fragments: COI and 16S rRNA). Strong support is found for the genera Litostrophus and Atopochetus and for a clade consisting of Litostrophus + Atopochetus. Four species of Litostrophus are recognized and (re)described: L. segregatus (type species of the genus), L. scaber, comb. nov., L. chamaeleon, sp. nov. and L. saraburensis, sp. nov. The genus Tonkinbolus (type species T. scaber) is synonymized under Litostrophus. Atopochetus (type species A. rubropunctatus), hitherto considered a dubious synonym of Aulacobolus, is re-instated for several species until now placed in Tonkinbolus and seven new species. All in all 10 species of Atopochetus are (re)described: A. dollfusii (= Aulacobolus rubropunctatus, syn. nov.), A. moulmeinensis and A. sumatranus (= Trachelomegalus laciniatus, syn. nov.), A. anaticeps, sp. nov., A. helix, sp. nov., A. setiferus, sp. nov., A. spinimargo, sp. nov., A. truncatus, sp. nov., A. uncinatus, sp. nov. and A. weseneri, sp. nov. Three species recently included in Tonkinbolus are left incertae sedis because they are based exclusively on female type specimens: Spirobolus capucinus, S. caudulanus and S. macrurus. The results of the DNA analysis (COI and 16S rRNA) are congruent with morphological (gonopodal) characters in terms of delimitation of species of Litostrophus and Atopochetus. This is the first DNA study of SE Asian Pachybolidae and as such it provides a basis for further evolutionary and biogeographic studies of SE Asian millipedes

IS17052  Accepted 30 June 2017

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