Natural Environment: Policy & Risk

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Cover featuring a boat leaking oil against a water backdrop. Forthcoming Cover of Big, Bold and Blue featuring an aerial photograph of coral reefs New Cover of Incident Management in Australasia featuring photographs of emerg New
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cover of Biosecurity


Andrew Dobson, Kezia Barker, Sarah L. Taylor
Paperback - August 2013 - AU $77.99
The Earth under a bell jar on a grey-white gradient background.


Jane Rawson, James Whitmore
Paperback - September 2015 - AU $29.95
cover of Megacities and the Coast

Megacities and the Coast

Mark Pelling, Sophie Blackburn
Paperback - January 2014 - AU $49.95On sale until 30-Sep usually AU $80.00
cover of Made In Australia

Made In Australia

Richard Weller, Julian Bolleter
Paperback - March 2013 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Living with Fire, features multiple tree trunks which h

Living with Fire

Tom Griffiths, Christine Hansen
Hardback - November 2012 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Flood Country, featuring a vista of a cloudy sky reflec

Flood Country

Emily O'Gorman
Paperback - August 2012 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Landscape Logic, featuring orange silouettes of people

Landscape Logic

Allan Curtis, Anthony Jakeman, James McKee, Ted Lefroy
Paperback - April 2012 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Food Systems Failure, features one large image of a whe

Food Systems Failure

Christopher Rosin, Paul Stock, Hugh Campbell
Hardback - January 2012 - AU $135.00
cover of Water


Ian Prosser
Paperback - November 2011 - AU $24.95
The cover image of Burning Issues, featuring billowing orange and grey smo

Burning Issues

Mark Adams, Peter Attiwill
Paperback - June 2011 - AU $49.95
The cover image of Beyond Drought, featuring brown red land with four smal

Beyond Drought

Linda Courtenay Botterill, Melanie Fisher
Paperback - October 2003 - AU $34.95


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