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Cover featuring an abstract arrangement of a microscope image of biochar a


Balwant Singh, Marta Camps-Arbestain, Johannes Lehmann
Paperback - March 2017 - AU $99.95
An illustration of a human figure emerging from a DNA helix.

How Life Works

Daphne Elliott, William Elliott
Paperback - September 2015 - AU $29.95
Cover featuring five images of science activities on a white background, w

Hands-On Science

Sarah Kellett, David Shaw, Kath Kovac
Paperback - September 2016 - AU $24.95
Image of sample $50 gift voucher, featuring blue and black text on a white

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The top third of the cover features the Banjo Patterson side of an Austral

The Plastic Banknote

David Solomon, Tom Spurling
Paperback - November 2014 - AU $24.95On sale until 31-Jan usually AU $39.95
Cover image of The Explainer, featuring the tops of two male heads, at the

The Explainer

CSIRO Publishing
Paperback - October 2013 - AU $19.95


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