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Generic concepts in Australian Gardenieae (Rubiaceae): a cladistic approach

Christopher F. Puttock and Christopher J. Quinn

Australian Systematic Botany 12(2) 181 - 199
Published: 1999


Cladistic analyses of a morphological database for 37 Australian species of Gardenia Ellis and Randia Houst. ex L. demonstrate the polyphyly of both genera. Five clades are identified, with Randia audasiiC. T. White placed in an isolated position. Four of these clades are assigned to extant genera: Aidia Lour., Atractocarpus Schltr. et K. Krause, Gardenias.s. and Kailarsenia Tirveng. The following genera are considered as falling within Atractocarpus: Neofranciella Guillaumin, Sukunia A. C. Sm., and Trukia Kaneh. Pelagodendron Seem. belongs with Aidia. Whereas Randia audasii falls within the current concept of Rothmannia Thunb., available data suggest that genus is paraphyletic, and should be confined to the African taxa.

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