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The showy and the shy: Reinstatement of two species from Ptilotus gaudichaudii (Amaranthaceae)

Timothy Hammer , Robert Davis , Kevin Thiele


Ptilotus R.Br. (Amaranthaceae) is a widespread and speciose Australian genus. One of the more common arid species, Ptilotus gaudichaudii (Steud.) J.M.Black (paper foxtail), currently comprises three subspecies: subsp. gaudichaudii, subsp. eremita (S.Moore) Lally and subsp. parviflorus (Benth.) Lally. In the present study, we present a reevaluation of the morphological basis of the infraspecies of P. gaudichaudii. Evidence from herbarium and field observations supports the reinstatement of Ptilotus gaudichaudii subsp. eremita and subsp. parviflorus to the rank of species as P. eremita (S.Moore) T.Hammer & R.W.Davis and P. modestus (Benth.) T.Hammer.

SB17026  Accepted 03 October 2017

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