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Genesis of podzols on coastal dunes in southern Queensland .I. Field relationships and profile morphology

CH Thompson

Australian Journal of Soil Research 30(5) 593 - 613
Published: 1992


This paper is the first of a series reporting studies in the genesis of podzols and humus podzols on coastal dunes in a chronosequence that spans >700K yrs. It is concerned mainly with temporal changes in profile morphology across a podzol chronosequence and with brief descriptions of sites chosen for genetic studies. It summarizes the geology, geomorphology and general mineralogy of dune systems at Cooloola and North Stradbroke Island and briefly discusses the effects of parent material, geomorphic component, climate, dune denudation and vegetation on soil development. Its purpose is to provide a field and morphological framework for other papers in the series dealing essentially with laboratory investigations and interpretations of the chemistry, mineralogy and genesis of these subtropical soils.

Keywords: Subtropical Podzols; Podzol Chronosequence; Coastal Dunes;

© CSIRO 1992

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