The Publishing Process

Authors who work with CSIRO Publishing gain access to skilled and responsive publishers, editors and designers, and an active marketing team experienced in selling science-based products. We provide a full publishing service and believe that word-of-mouth from satisfied authors is the best advertising.

Contract and manuscript development

After your proposal has been accepted, we will offer you a contract for publication. You may be asked to modify your proposal as a result of feedback we have received from referees. Your contract will include an agreed date for delivery of the final manuscript. It is important that you adhere to this date because we often begin marketing your book many months before publication.

Your publisher will provide you with a style guide and instructions to help you to prepare your manuscript to our requirements. If you are editing a collection, we can provide you with contributor briefing letters, style guides and templates to make your job as easy as possible.

During the writing phase, we will contact you regularly to check on your progress and remind you of the need to deliver your manuscript as agreed. We may ask to view sample chapters or a draft manuscript in order to provide you with feedback on style and content. Where appropriate, we will obtain feedback on draft manuscripts from suitable experts in your field to provide you with suggestions that will improve your manuscript.

Editing and production

Upon delivery and our acceptance of the finished manuscript, we will edit your material and design a publication that will appeal to the intended readership and make the most of your text. Our experienced editorial and production department oversees the copy-editing, text and cover design, typesetting, proofreading and printing of your manuscript, in consultation with you.

Marketing, sales and distribution

As your manuscript goes into production, we begin planning a marketing strategy for your book. We welcome your suggestions for promotion and will ask you to complete a marketing questionnaire.

All our titles are marketed internationally. We make use of a network of international distributors to reach as wide an audience as possible. Our online catalogue delivers product information and online ordering capability to a global audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on our direct-marketing skills to relevant professional organisations and interest groups, and are careful to send information that readers will find relevant and interesting. We also make the most of the links we have with our highly respected journals to reach people who will be interested in your subject.

We have an excellent customer service team, along with an on-site warehouse, ensuring speedy delivery of our publications to all corners of the globe.


Where a publication has an international readership, we exploit its potential by seeking co-publication arrangements with other respected international publishers. Our co-publication partners have included CABI International, the Smithsonian Institute, the Natural History Museum and Island Press. Each year we attend the Frankfurt International Book Fair to promote our new titles to appropriate publishers and distributors.