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This Research Front is aligned with the BIOPHYSCHEM2011 meeting, a joint conference of the Australian Society for Biophysics and the Physical Chemistry Division of the RACI, which was held at the University of Wollongong from 3 to 6 December 2011. Research across the physical chemistry and biophysics disciplines is strong and lively in Australia and the multidisciplinary nature of these studies is a feature, with links connecting basic biological science and applications to physical chemistry processes to nanotechnological applications, and vice versa.
Published 14 May 2012

Photochemical Upconversion Enhanced Solar Cells: Effect of a Back Reflector

Tim F. Schulze , Yuen Yap Cheng , Burkhard Fückel , Rowan W. MacQueen , Andrew Danos , Nathaniel J. L. K. Davis , Murad J. Y. Tayebjee , Tony Khoury , Raphaël G. C. R. Clady , N. J. Ekins-Daukes , Maxwell J. Crossley , Bernd Stannowski , Klaus Lips , Timothy W. Schmidt
Australian Journal of Chemistry 65 (5) pp.480 - 485