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Alan Sargeson

This Research Front is dedicated to Professor Alan M. Sargeson whose contributions to not only inorganic chemistry but Australian and international science were extraordinary. Over his career, Alan published more than 400 papers and more than 50 were published in Australian Journal of Chemistry. Alan passed away in December 2008.
Published 13 October 2009

Variations on a Cage Theme: Some Complexes of Bicyclic Polyamines as Supramolecular Synthons

Ian J. Clark , Alessandra Crispini , Paul S. Donnelly , Lutz M. Engelhardt , Jack M. Harrowfield , Seong-Hoon Jeong , Yang Kim , George A. Koutsantonis , Young Hoon Lee , Nigel A. Lengkeek , Mauro Mocerino , Gareth L. Nealon , Mark I. Ogden , Yu Chul Park , Claudio Pettinari , Lara Polanzan , Elisabeth Rukmini , Alan M. Sargeson , Brian W. Skelton , Alexandre N. Sobolev , Pierre Thuéry , Allan H. White
Australian Journal of Chemistry 62 (10) pp.1246 - 1260