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A systematic revision of Japanese Trichadenotecnum Enderlein (Psocodea:'Psocoptera':Psocidae:Ptyctini), with redefinition and subdivision of the genus

Invertebrate Taxonomy 15(2) 159 - 204
Published: 2001


The genus Trichadenotecnum Enderlein, 1909 is redefined as a monophyletic group. The following 22 Japanese species are treated and classified into five species-groups except one species not placed in a group: sexpunctatum-group – T. album, sp. nov., T. incognitum Roesler, 1939; medium-group – T. takahashii, sp. nov., T. mixtum, sp. nov., T. magnomixtum, sp. nov., T. amamiense, sp. nov., T. okinawense, sp. nov., T. yonaguniense, sp. nov., T. kumejimense, sp. nov., T. latebrachium, sp. nov., T. pseudomedium, sp. nov., T. yaeyamense, sp. nov.; alexanderae-group – T. alexanderae Sommerman, 1948, T. castum Betz, 1983, T. sexpunctellum (Enderlein, 1907); majus-group – T. yamatomajus, sp. nov., T. nothoapertum, sp. nov.; spiniserrulum-group – T. falx, sp. nov., T. furcalingum, sp. nov., T. pardidum Thornton, 1961, T. circularoides Badonnel, 1955; incertae sedisT. fuscipennis, sp. nov. The monophyly and phylogenetic relationships of these species-groups are discussed. A key to Japanese species of Trichadenotecnum is given.

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