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Review of the Phreodrilidae (Annelida: Oligochaeta: Tubificida) of Australia

A. M. Pinder and R. O. Brinkhurst

Invertebrate Taxonomy 11(3) 443 - 523
Published: 1997


In this review of Australian phreodrilid oligochaetes, several descriptions are amended, some species are reclassified and additional distribution data are provided for most species. One new genus (Nesodrilus) and 11 new species (Phreodrilus diemenensis, Phreodrilus melaleucensis, Phreodrilus mitodes, Antarctodrilus acanthaseta, Antarctodrilus micros, Antarctodrilus horwitzi, Nesodrilus southwellensis, Insulodrilus parviseta, Insulodrilus unisetoides, Insulodrilus bifidus and Astacopsidrilus myothyros) are described from Australia. Insulodrilus lacustris (Benham, 1903) is recorded in Australia for the first time, while Phreodrilus mauienensis Brinkhurst, 1971, and Astacopsidrilus campbellianus (Benham, 1909), comb. nov., are removed from the Australian species list. The latter is the first phreodrilid to be recorded on Macquarie Island. One new species, Insulodrilus novaezelandiae, is described from New Zealand and three new species, Antarctodrilus spinosus, Nesodrilus isochaeta and Astacopsidrilus beckettae, are described from Campbell Island. Aspects of phreodrilid zoogeography and anatomy are discussed.

© CSIRO 1997

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