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Revision of Friesea Species (Collembola: Neanuridae) of Australia and Offshore Islands, with Biogeographical Notes and Key to Species

Penelope Greenslade and L. Deharveng

Invertebrate Taxonomy 11(2) 321 - 331
Published: 1997


Seven species of Friesea are recorded here from Australia and its offshore islands and a key and checklist is provided to them. Three of the species, F. neptunia, F. australica and F. florifera, are new and are described here, and one, F. bispinosa Deharveng, from Heard and Macquarie Islands, is a new record for Australia. Earlier records of F. mirabilis Tullberg and F. claviseta Axelson are examined and the seventh species, F. tilbrooki Wise, already recorded from Macquarie Island and Heard Island, is probably a synonym of F. multispinosa Denis from Kerguelen. Records of Friesea sp. cf. claviseta from Pacific islands are also listed. The fauna is divided into biogeographical groups based on morphology as determined by an existing phylogenetic analysis of the genus.

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