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Australian stingless bees of the genus Trigona (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Anne E. Dollin, Leslie J. Dollin and the late Shôichi F. Sakagami

Invertebrate Taxonomy 11(6) 861 - 896
Published: 1997


Six Australian stingless bee species in Trigona (Heterotrigona) are redescribed. Workers, males and queens are described of T. clypearis Friese (formerlyT. wybenica Cockerell), T. sapiens Cockerell (formerly T. laeviceps Smith), T. carbonaria Smith, T. hockingsi Cockerell and an enigmatic fifth species from north-western Australia. The name T. mellipes Friese is assigned to this latter species on morphometric and geographical grounds, despite differences in described coloration. A key to the species is given. Species distributions and nest descriptions based on 188 nests are provided. Workers of a sixth Australian species, T. aff. fuscobalteata Cameron, previously unknown in Australia but recently found on Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, are also described.

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