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Palophaginae, a new subfamily for leaf-beetles, feeding as adult and larva on Araucarian pollen in Australia (Coleoptera : Megalopodidae)

G Kuschel and BM May

Invertebrate Taxonomy 3(6) 697 - 719
Published: 1989


A new genus Palophagus and a new subfamily Palophaginae are proposed for a megalopodid chrysomeloid beetle reared from male strobili (cones) of Araucaria bidwillii from south Queensland, Australia. The beetle feeds as adult and larva on pollen. The larva pupates in the soil where it goes through an additional but inactive instar. The beetle shares with Megalopodinae a mesonotal stridulatory organ and the same characteristic male and female genitalia but differs in various other structures. The relationship of the subfamily is discussed. A key to families of Chrysomeloidea based on the male and female genitalia is offered as well as keys to the genera and species of Palophaginae. Palophagus bunyae and P. australiensis are described as new, and Cucujopsis setijer Crowson is transferred from Orsodacninae to Palophaginae and redescribed. Habitus drawings of two adults are provided. The immature stages of Palophagus species are described and illustrated.

© CSIRO 1989

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