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Revision of the genus Schedotrioza Tuthill & Taylor (Homoptera : Psylloidea : Triozidae)

SG Taylor

Invertebrate Taxonomy 4(4) 721 - 751
Published: 1990


A systematic revision of the gall-forming genus Schedotrioza Tuthill & Taylor (Psylloidea : Triozidae) is presented. Twelve species are recognised, seven of which are new. These are S. apicobystra, sp. nov., S. cornuta, sp. nov., S. distorta, sp. nov., S. luteogalla, sp. nov., S. occidentalis, sp. nov., S. serrata, sp. nov. and S. sinuosa, sp. nov. Two new synonyms are proposed: S. multitudinea (Maskell) as the senior synonym of S. circularis (Froggatt) and S. orbiculata (Froggatt) as the senior synonym of S. carnosa (Froggatt). Trioza tasmaniensis (Froggatt) is herein transferred to Schedotrioza. The other species recognised are S. eucalypti (Froggatt) and S. marginata Taylor. A key to the species is provided. Where available, the adult male, adult female and mature gall are described and illustrated. Notes on their biology, including host-plant data, are also presented.

© CSIRO 1990

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