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Ascaridoid nematodes from sharks from Australia and the Solomon Islands, southwestern Pacific Ocean

NL Bruce and LRG Cannon

Invertebrate Taxonomy 4(4) 763 - 783
Published: 1990


Genera and species of ascaridoid nematodes are recorded from Australian and Solomon Island sharks. The genera represented are Acanthocheilus (Acanthocheilidae), Terranova and Pulchrascaris (Ascarididae). Remarks are given on Acanthocheilus australis. The genus Terranova is rediagnosed and descriptions are given for Terranova galeocerdonis, T. pristis and T. scoliodontis, with descriptive notes for T. ginglymostomae. Description is given for P. chiloscylii and notes for Pulchrascaris sp. Keys are provided for the Australian genera of Ascaridoidea from fish hosts and to the species of Terranova recovered from sharks.

© CSIRO 1990

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