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The cockroach genera Beybienkoa, gen. nov., Escala Shelford, Eowilsonia, gen. nov., Hensaussurea Princis, Parasigmoidella Hanitsch and Robshelfordia Princis (Dictyoptera : Blattaria : Blattellidae)

LM Roth

Invertebrate Taxonomy 5(3) 553 - 716
Published: 1991


Diagnostic characters are given for the following 6 blattellid genera: Beybienkoa, gen. nov. (33 species: 22 sp. nov., 11 comb. nov.), Escala Shelford (12 species: 10 sp. nov., 1 comb. nov.), Eowilsonia, gen. nov. (3 sp. nov.), Hensaussurea Princis (11 species: 7 sp. nov., 1 comb. nov.), Parasigmoidella Hanitsch (9 species: 4 sp. nov., 4 comb. nov.) and Robshelfordia Princis (12 species: 8 sp. nov.). The following are new synonymies: Parajacobsonina Hanitsch is Escala, Papuablatta Bruijning is Parasigmoidella, and Loboptera duodecimsignata Tepper is Robshelfordia anastamosa (Tepper). The species are described, many are redescribed, and generic and species keys are given. Eowilsonia, Escala, Hensaussurea and Robshelfordia are found only in Australia. Beybienkoa occurs in Australia and New Guinea. Parasigmoidella is predominantly from New Guinea, with 1 species in Australia.

© CSIRO 1991

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