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Salticidae (Arachnida : Araneae) of the Oriental, Australian and Pacific regions. X.* Genera Afraflacilla Berland & Millot 1941 and Evarcha Simon 1902

M Zabka

Invertebrate Taxonomy 7(2) 279 - 295
Published: 1993


Afraflacilla is reinstated and newly recorded from Australia and Papua New Guinea. Diagnoses and figures of six new species (A. courti, A. vestjensi, A. grayorum, A. huntorurn, A. yeni and A. stridulator) are presented. Cytaea infrastriata (Keyserling) is transferred to Evarcha, and Habrocestum flavipes Keyserling is synonymised with Evarcha infrastriata (Keyserling). Evarcha is reported from Australia for the first time. Remarks on relationships, biology and distribution of both genera are given. Menemerus albocinctus Keyserling is transferred to Evarcha and is excluded from the list of Australian salticids.

*Part VIII. Rec. W.A. Aust. Mus. 15, 673-84.

© CSIRO 1993

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