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  Systematics, Phylogeny and Biogeography
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Invertebrate Systematics publishes significant contributions and reviews on the systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of all invertebrate taxa. More

Editor-in-Chief: Gonzalo Giribet


blank image Invertebrate Systematics
Volume 29 Number 6 2015

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Refugia within refugia: in situ speciation and conservation of threatened Bertmainius (Araneae : Migidae), a new genus of relictual trapdoor spiders endemic to the mesic zone of south-western Australia 
blank image
Mark S. Harvey , Barbara York Main , Michael G. Rix and Steven J. B. Cooper
pp. 511-553

The iconic trapdoor spiders of the family Migidae from south-western Australia are revised, and six new short-range endemic species are described from the southern mesic zone. Using molecular and morphological criteria, we further describe a new genus for these species. All Western Australian Migidae are considered to be threatened using IUCN criteria, with the major threatening processes being inappropriate fire regimes and climate change.

    | Supplementary Material (62 KB)

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Molecular phylogenetic analyses reveal a new southern hemisphere oniscidean family (Crustacea : Isopoda) with a unique water transport system 
blank image
Mohammad Javidkar , Steven J. B. Cooper , Rachael A. King , William F. Humphreys and Andrew D. Austin
pp. 554-577

A significant diversity of terrestrial oniscidean isopods was recently discovered in calcrete aquifers of Western Australia. Here we carried out the first morphological and molecular phylogenetic study of this fauna and identified a new southern hemisphere oniscidean family, Paraplatyarthridae fam. nov. This study has important implications for higher-level classification of oniscidean isopods and provides a foundation for ongoing research of this extraordinary subterranean ecosystem.

    | Supplementary Material (214 KB)

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Mitochondrial DNA analyses reveal widespread tardigrade diversity in Antarctica 
blank image
Alejandro Velasco-Castrillón , Sandra J. McInnes , Mark B. Schultz , María Arróniz-Crespo , Cyrille A. D’Haese , John A. E. Gibson , Byron J. Adams , Timothy J. Page , Andrew D. Austin , Steven J. B. Cooper and Mark I. Stevens
pp. 578-590

Tardigrada are one of the most resilient and abundant phyla in Antarctica. Here we sampled tardigrades from soils and limno-terrestrial environments across Antarctica and compared their mitochondrial DNA with other worldwide locations. We found new putative species and much greater diversity than previously appreciated with most Antarctic endemic species restricted to very narrow geographic ranges.

    | Supplementary Material (885 KB)

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  Marco Gebiola, Antonio P. Garonna, Umberto Bernardo and Sergey A. Belokobylskij
Molecular phylogenetic analyses and morphological variation point to taxonomic problems among four genera of parasitoid doryctine wasps (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) 
blank image
pp. 591-609

The traditional morphological approach to taxonomy produced controversy over some genera of Doryctinae. Molecular phylogenetic analyses informed a morphological revision showing that the genus Caenopachys and the species C. caenopachoides are invalid taxa, contrary to the genus Sycosoter. This work provides additional evidence that integrating molecular and morphological data is critical to improve our knowledge of the true diversity of doryctine wasps.

    | Supplementary Material (37 KB)

blank image blank image blank image

Evidence from molecules and morphology expands Podonomopsis Brundin (Diptera : Chironomidae : Podonominae) to include ‘genus Chile' 
blank image
Peter S. Cranston and Matt Krosch
pp. 610-627

New entomological studies in South America reveal a faunal link to Australia in a group of aquatic flies. With formal descriptions and molecular analysis, we show that a genus of midges associates neotropical species in a wider framework of austral distributed insects. It can be inferred from a dated phylogeny that speciation in the late Cretaceous preceded the break-up of the southern landmass (Gondwana).


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These articles have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication. They are still in production and have not been edited, so may differ from the final published form.

    IS15039  Accepted 04 February 2016
    Two recently discovered species of Apiomorpha (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) feeding on eudesmid eucalypts in Western Australia reaffirm host conservatism in this gall-inducing scale insect genus
    Penelope Mills, Thomas Semple, Kathleen Garland, Lyn Cook

    IS15051  Accepted 28 January 2016
    Genetic and morphological evidence for a new mountain living freshwater crab species (Decapoda: Potamonautidae: Potamonautes) from the Western Cape province of South Africa.
    Louisa Wood, Savel Daniels

    IS15047  Accepted 21 January 2016
    Integrative taxonomic revision of the polymorphic flat-millipede genera Oncocladosoma and Somethus in South Australia (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Paradoxosomatidae)
    Peter Decker

    IS15031  Accepted 17 January 2016
    Morphological cladistic analysis resolves the generic limits of the Neotropical potter wasp genera Minixi Giordani Soika and Pachyminixi Giordani Soika (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae)
    Marcel Hermes, Letícia de Oliveira

    IS15056  Accepted 15 January 2016
    Congruence between male upper lip morphology and molecular phylogeny in Parapolycope (Ostracoda) with two new species from Korea
    Ivana Karanovic, Hayato Tanaka, Akira Tsukagoshi

    IS15032  Accepted 21 December 2015
    Putting the “Indo” back into the Indo-Pacific: resolving marine phylogeographic gaps
    Nerida Wilson, Lisa Kirkendale

    IS15044  Accepted 12 December 2015
    The first troglobitic species of Gymnobisiidae (Pseudoscorpiones, Neobisioidea), from Table Mountain (Western Cape Province, South Africa) and its phylogenetic position
    Mark Harvey, Joel Huey, Mia Hillyer, Erin McIntyre, Gonzalo Giribet

    IS15011  Accepted 02 December 2015
    Gerasimos Cassis, Celia Symonds

    IS15035  Accepted 02 December 2015
    Multilocus coalescent species delimitation reveals widespread cryptic differentiation among Drakensberg mountain-living freshwater crabs (Decapoda: Potamonautes)
    Ethel Phiri, Savel Daniels

    IS15015  Accepted 03 November 2015
    Is Hydroides brachyacantha (Serpulidae, Annelida) a widespread species?
    Yanan Sun, Eunice Wong, María Tovar-Hernández, Jane Williamson, Elena Kupriyanova

    IS14050  Accepted 01 November 2015
    Phylogeny and population genetic structure of the ant genus Acropyga (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Papua New Guinea
    Milan Janda, Pável Matos-Maraví, Michaela Borovanska, Jan Zima jr., Eric Youngerman, Naomi Pierce

    IS15023  Accepted 07 October 2015
    Phylogeny and systematics of the superfamily Pinnotheroidea De Haan, 1833 (Crustacea: Brachyura) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear molecular markers
    Emma Palacios Theil, Jose Cuesta, Darryl Felder


The Most Read ranking is based on the number of downloads from the CSIRO PUBLISHING website of articles published in the previous 12 months. Usage statistics are updated daily.

Rank Paper Details
1. Published 20 March 2015
Discordance between morphological species identification and mtDNA phylogeny in the flesh fly genus Ravinia (Diptera : Sarcophagidae)

Evan S. Wong, Gregory A. Dahlem, Trevor I. Stamper and Ronald W. DeBry

2. Published 30 June 2015
Systematic review of the Australian ‘bush-coconut’ genus Cystococcus (Hemiptera: Eriococcidae) uncovers a new species from Queensland

Thomas L. Semple, Penny J. Gullan, Christopher J. Hodgson, Nate B. Hardy and Lyn G. Cook

3. Published 20 March 2015
Phylogeny and biogeography of the mite harvestmen (Arachnida : Opiliones : Cyphophthalmi) of Queensland, Australia, with a description of six new species from the rainforests of the Wet Tropics

Sarah L. Boyer, Caitlin M. Baker, Zachary R. Popkin-Hall, Domokos I. Laukó, Hannah A. Wiesner and Rachel H. Quay

4. Published 11 June 2015
Total evidence analysis of the phylogenetic relationships of Lycosoidea spiders (Araneae, Entelegynae)

Daniele Polotow, Anthea Carmichael and Charles E. Griswold

5. Published 22 December 2015
Refugia within refugia: in situ speciation and conservation of threatened Bertmainius (Araneae : Migidae), a new genus of relictual trapdoor spiders endemic to the mesic zone of south-western Australia

Mark S. Harvey, Barbara York Main, Michael G. Rix and Steven J. B. Cooper

6. Published 30 June 2015
Molecular evaluation of the phylogenetic position of the enigmatic species Trivettea papalotla (Bertsch) (Mollusca : Nudibranchia)

Ryan E. Hulett, Jermaine Mahguib, Terrence M. Gosliner and Ángel Valdés

7. Published 30 October 2015
Species, ESUs or populations? Delimiting and describing morphologically cryptic diversity in Australian desert spring amphipods

Nicholas P. Murphy, Rachael A. King and Steven Delean

8. Published 11 June 2015
Whale falls, multiple colonisations of the deep, and the phylogeny of Hesionidae (Annelida)

Mindi Summers, Fredrik Pleijel and Greg W. Rouse

9. Published 30 October 2015
Alternative preservatives of insect DNA for citizen science and other low-cost applications

Sedonia Steininger, Caroline Storer, Jiri Hulcr and Andrea Lucky

10. Published 28 August 2015
A multigene phylogenetic analysis results in a redefinition of the genus Notonomus Chaudoir (Coleoptera, Carabidae) and descriptions of new species of the subgenus Leiradira Castelnau

Kipling Will

11. Published 20 March 2015
Protosternini (Coleoptera : Hydrophilidae) corroborated as monophyletic and its larva described for the first time: a review of the myrmecophilous genus Sphaerocetum

Martin Fikáček, Munetoshi Maruyama, Takashi Komatsu, Christoph von Beeren, Dominik Vondráček and Andrew E. Z. Short

12. Published 28 August 2015
Phylogenetics and phylogeography of a long-legged harvestman (Arachnida : Opiliones) in the Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest reveals poor dispersal, low diversity and extensive mitochondrial introgression

Cibele Bragagnolo, Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha, Manuel Antunes and Ronald M. Clouse

13. Published 11 June 2015
Reassembling a lost lowland carabid beetle assemblage (Coleoptera) from Kauai, Hawaiian Islands

James K. Liebherr and Nick Porch

14. Published 22 December 2015
Molecular phylogenetic analyses reveal a new southern hemisphere oniscidean family (Crustacea : Isopoda) with a unique water transport system

Mohammad Javidkar, Steven J. B. Cooper, Rachael A. King, William F. Humphreys and Andrew D. Austin

15. Published 11 June 2015
Morphological phylogenetics of the Tenthredinidae (Insecta : Hymenoptera)

Lars Vilhelmsen

16. Published 30 June 2015
Mitochondrial DNA allows the association of life stages to facilitate species recognition and delimitation in Australian stoneflies (Plecoptera : Gripopterygidae : Newmanoperla)

Julia H. Mynott

17. Published 22 December 2015
Mitochondrial DNA analyses reveal widespread tardigrade diversity in Antarctica

Alejandro Velasco-Castrillón, Sandra J. McInnes, Mark B. Schultz, María Arróniz-Crespo, Cyrille A. D'Haese, John A. E. Gibson, Byron J. Adams, Timothy J. Page, Andrew D. Austin, Steven J. B. Cooper and Mark I. Stevens

18. Published 20 March 2015
Morphology and DNA barcodes reveal the presence of the non-native land planarian Obama marmorata (Platyhelminthes : Geoplanidae) in Europe

Domingo Lago-Barcia, Fernando A. Fernández-Álvarez, Lisandro Negrete, Francisco Brusa, Cristina Damborenea, Cristina Grande and Carolina Noreña

19. Published 30 October 2015
Groundwater oligochaetes show complex genetic patterns of distribution in the Pilbara region of Western Australia

Louise Brown, Terrie Finston, Garth Humphreys, Stefan Eberhard and Adrian Pinder

20. Published 30 June 2015
The evolutionary history of Lipsothrix Loew (Diptera : Tipuloidea) inferred through systematic revision and historical biogeographical analysis

Matthew Petersen

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