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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
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  Vertebrate Reproductive Science & Technology
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RFD is the official journal of the International Embryo Transfer Society and the Society for Reproductive Biology.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Volume 10 Number 7 & 8 1998
Reprogramming Cell Fate - Transgenesis and Cloning


pp. 515-515


Rat and mouse epiblasts differ in their capacity to generate extraembryonic endoderm 

Jennifer Nichols , Austin Smith and Mia Buehr

pp. 517-526


Maintenance of pluripotential embryonic stem cells by stem cell selection 

Peter Mountford , Jennifer Nichols, Branko Zevnik, Carmel O'Brien and Austin Smith

pp. 527-534


Developmental complexity of early mammalian pluripotent cell populations in vivo and in vitro 

T. A. Pelton, M. D. Bettess, J. Lake, J. Rathjen and P. D. Rathjen

pp. 535-550


Differentiation of human pluripotent teratocarcinoma stem cells induced by bone morphogenetic protein-2 

Martin F. Pera and Daniella Herszfeld

pp. 551-556


Culture of human embryos for studies on the derivation of human pluripotent cells: a preliminary investigation  

M-C. Lavoir , J. Conaghan and R. A. Pedersen

pp. 557-562


Enrichment of blood from embryonic stem cells in vitro 

Andrew C. Perkins

pp. 563-572


Chromatin remodelling and nuclear reprogramming at the onset of embryonic development in mammals 

Jean-Paul Renard

pp. 573-581


Cytoplasmic control of nuclear assembly 

Philippe Collas

pp. 581-592


Influence of epigenetic changes during oocyte growth on nuclear reprogramming after nuclear transfer 

Tomohiro Kono

pp. 593-598


Strategies for activating nuclear transfer oocytes 

Zoltán Macháty and Randall S. Prather

pp. 599-614


Cloning sheep from cultured embryonic cells 

D. N. Wells , P. M. Misica, A. M. Day, A. J. Peterson and H. R. Tervit

pp. 615-626


Recycling bovine embryos for nuclear transfer 

Teija T. Peura and Alan O. Trounson

pp. 627-632


Novel method for demonstrating nuclear contribution in mouse nuclear transfer 

Megan Munsie, Teija Peura, Anna Michalska, Alan Trounson and Peter Mountford

pp. 633-638


Embryonic and somatic cell cloning 

Ian Wilmut , Lorraine Young and Keith H.S. Campbell

pp. 639-644


Reprogramming cattle somatic cells by isolated nuclear injection 

Alan Trounson, Orly Lacham-Kaplan, Maria Diamente and Tiki Gougoulidis

pp. 645-650


Genetically identical primate modelling systems for HIV vaccines 

Stephen J. Kent and Ian M. Lewis

pp. 651-658


The production of transgenic domestic livestock: successes, failures and the need for nuclear transfer 

Kevin A. Ward and Bruce W. Brown

pp. 659-666


Impact of cloning on cattle breeding systems 

A. E. McClintock

pp. 667-670


Transgenic modification of cows milk for value-added processing 

Kurt A. Zuelke

pp. 671-676


Large-scale applications of cloning technologies for agriculture: an industry perspective 

I. M. Lewis, T. T. Peura and A. O. Trounson

pp. 677-682


Current and future prospects for xenotransplantation  

Andrew J. French , Julia L. Greenstein, Bruce E. Loveland and Peter S. Mountford

pp. 683-696


Annual Author Index 

pp. 697-700


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