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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
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  Vertebrate Reproductive Science & Technology
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RFD is the official journal of the International Embryo Transfer Society and the Society for Reproductive Biology.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Volume 9 Number 1 1997
Fertility Control for Wildlife Management

Fertility control of mammal pests and the conservation of endangered marsupials 

A. R. E. Sinclair

pp. 1-16


Managing problem wildlife in the ‘Old World’: a veterinary perspective 

M. Artois

pp. 17-26


Australian and New Zealand mammal species considered to be pests or problems 

P. E. Cowan and C. H. Tyndale-Biscoe

pp. 27-36


Discussion session: Problem species 

pp. 37-40


Can foxes be controlled by reducing their fertility? 

R. Pech, G. M. Hood, J. McIlroy and G. Saunders

pp. 41-50


Modelling immunocontraception in disseminating systems 

N. D. Barlow

pp. 51-60


Discussion session: Is fertility control an option? 

pp. 61-64


Hormonal and non-hormonal agents at implantation as targets for contraception 

Gui-Ying Nie, Anna R. Butt, Lois A. Salamonsen and Jock K. Findlay

pp. 65-76


Progress towards using recombinant myxoma virus as a vector for fertility control in rabbits 

A. J. Robinson, R. Jackson, P. Kerr, J. Merchant, I. Parer and R. Pech

pp. 77-84


Plant-derived immunocontraceptive vaccines 

G. Smith, A. Walmsley and I. Polkinghorne

pp. 85-90


Cytokine enhancement of immune responses important for immunocontraception 

Alistair J. Ramsay and Ian A. Ramshaw

pp. 91-98


Discussion session: Delivery systems 

pp. 99-103


Case studies in wildlife immunocontraception: wild and feral equids and white-tailed deer 

J. F. Kirkpatrick, J. W. Turner Jr, I. K. M. Liu, R. Fayrer-Hosken and A. T. Rutberg

pp. 105-110


A bait-delivered immunocontraceptive vaccine for the European red fox (Vulpes vulpes) by the year 2002? 

Mark P. Bradley, Lyn A. Hinds and Peter H. Bird

pp. 111-116


Selection of antigens for use in a virus-vectored immunocontraceptive vaccine: PH-20 as a case study 

Michael K. Holland, Jason Andrews, Hannah Clarke, Clayton Walton and Lyn A. Hinds

pp. 117-124


Immunocontraception in rodents: a review of the development of a sperm-based immunocontraceptive vaccine for the grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) 

H. D. M. Moore, N. M. Jenkins and C. Wong

pp. 125-130


Likely targets for immunocontraception in marsupials 

John C. Rodger

pp. 131-136


Potential consequences and problems with wildlife contraceptives 

Victor F. Nettles

pp. 137-144


Discussion session: Case studies 

pp. 145-147


Zoonoses and fertility control in wildlife—requirements for vaccines 

K. Stöhr and F.-X. Meslin

pp. 149-156


Neither human nor natural: ethics and feral animals 

Peter Singer

pp. 157-162


Ethical aspects and dilemmas of fertility control of unwanted wildlife: an animal welfarist’s perspective 

Glenys Oogjes

pp. 163-168


Development and use of virus-vectored immunocontraception 

C. K. Williams

pp. 169-178


Discussion session: Prospects and challenges 

pp. 179-181


Summing up the conference 

pp. 183-186


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