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Reproduction, Fertility and Development
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  Vertebrate Reproductive Science & Technology
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RFD is the official journal of the International Embryo Transfer Society and the Society for Reproductive Biology.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development Reproduction, Fertility and Development
Volume 21 Number 2 2009

In vivo and in vitro effects of interleukin-1β on equine oocyte maturation and on steroidogenesis and prostaglandin synthesis in granulosa and cumulus cells 

Maud Caillaud and Nadine Gérard

pp. 265-273


Reproductive physiology of the female greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis Thylacomyidae): evidence for a male-induced luteal phase 

K. Ballantyne, P. Matson, N. Noakes, V. Nicolson and S. D. Johnston

pp. 274-282


In vivo virtual histology of mouse embryogenesis by ultrasound biomicroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging 

P. Pallares, M. E. Fernandez-Valle and A. Gonzalez-Bulnes

pp. 283-292


Immunoglobulin superfamily member IgSF8 (EWI-2) and CD9 in fertilisation: evidence of distinct functions for CD9 and a CD9-associated protein in mammalian sperm–egg interaction 

Amanda I. Glazar and Janice P. Evans

pp. 293-303


Dynamics of microtubules, motor proteins and 20S proteasomes during bovine oocyte IVM 

S. E. Racedo, M. C. Branzini, D. Salamone, C. Wójcik, V. Y. Rawe and H. Niemann

pp. 304-312


LH and FSH secretion, follicle development and oestradiol in sows ovulating or failing to ovulate in an intermittent suckling regimen 

P. Langendijk, S. J. Dieleman, C. van Dooremalen, G. R. Foxcroft, R. Gerritsen, W. Hazeleger, N. M. Soede and B. Kemp

pp. 313-322


Abnormal changes in mitochondria, lipid droplets, ATP and glutathione content, and Ca2+ release after electro-activation contribute to poor developmental competence of porcine oocyte during in vitro ageing 

Ze-Dong Hao, Shen Liu, Yi Wu, Peng-Cheng Wan, Mao-Sheng Cui, Heng Chen and Shen-Ming Zeng

pp. 323-332


Interspecies embryo transfer in camelids: the birth of the first Bactrian camel calves (Camelus bactrianus) from dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius) 

A. Niasari-Naslaji, D. Nikjou, J. A. Skidmore, A. Moghiseh, M. Mostafaey, K. Razavi and A. A. Moosavi-Movahedi

pp. 333-337

    | Supplementary Material (166 KB)

Osmotic stress induced by sodium chloride, sucrose or trehalose improves cryotolerance and developmental competence of porcine oocytes 

Lin Lin, Peter M. Kragh, Stig Purup, Masashige Kuwayama, Yutao Du, Xiuqing Zhang, Huanming Yang, Lars Bolund, Henrik Callesen and Gábor Vajta

pp. 338-344


CatSper-null mutant spermatozoa are unable to ascend beyond the oviductal reservoir 

Katharine Ho, Collin A. Wolff and Susan S. Suarez

pp. 345-350

    | Supplementary Material (5.5 MB)

The effect of the breeding season, cryopreservation and physiological extender on selected sperm and semen parameters of four ferret species: implications for captive breeding in the endangered black-footed ferret 

G. van der Horst, R. M. Kitchin, M. van der Horst and R. W. Atherton

pp. 351-363


Relocation of myosin and actin, kinesin and tubulin in the acrosome reaction of bovine spermatozoa 

Ifigenia Oikonomopoulou, Hitesh Patel, Paul F. Watson and Peter D. Chantler

pp. 364-377


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