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Article << Previous     |         Contents Vol 27(6)

Systematics, phylogeny and host associations of the Australian endemic monaloniine genus Rayieria Odhiambo (Insecta : Heteroptera : Miridae : Bryocorinae)

Anna A. Namyatova A B and Gerasimos Cassis A

A Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia.
B Corresponding author. Email: anna.namyatova@gmail.com

Invertebrate Systematics 27(6) 689-726 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/IS13034
Submitted: 11 July 2013  Accepted: 15 October 2013   Published: 20 December 2013

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The Australian endemic plant bug genus Rayieria Odhiambo (Heteroptera : Miridae : Bryocorinae : Monaloniina) is revised. Ten species are described as new to science: Rayieria acaciae, sp. nov., R. albaornata, sp. nov., R. decorata, sp. nov., R. frontalis, sp. nov., R. gearyi, sp. nov., R. grandiocula, sp. nov., R. kennedyi, sp. nov., R. minuta, sp. nov.. R. queenslandica, sp. nov., and R. rubranigra, sp. nov. Rayieria braconoides (Walker) and R. tumidiceps (Horváth) are synonymised with R. basifer (Walker), syn. nov. Diagnoses, descriptions, distribution records and host-plant information for all species are given. Digital habitus illustrations of males and females are provided for most species and sexes where available. Male and female genitalia are illustrated for each species. A key to all species is given. Phylogenetic analysis of the ingroup relationships of Rayieria is given, based on 11 ingroups, 16 outgroups and 56 morphological characters. The analysis supports monophyly of Rayieria and establishes a clade comprising all other elongate monaloniine genera, inclusive of Arthriticus Bergroth, Ragwelellus Odhiambo, Helopeltis Signoret and Monalonion Herrich-Schaeffer. Braconid-mimic species of Rayieria are reported. Host-plant associations for this genus and the subtribe Monaloniina are discussed.


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