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Revision of the Phyllachoraceae (Ascomycota) on hosts in the angiosperm family, Proteaceae

Ceridwen A. Pearce, Paul Reddell and Kevin D. Hyde

Australian Systematic Botany 14(2) 283 - 328
Published: 2001


A literature review yielded seven Australian taxa within the Phyllachoraceae recorded from hosts in the angiosperm family Proteaceae, with three taxa from overseas. New collections and herbarium material were examined by using traditional microscopic characters. Seven new Australian taxa were identified. These include Phyllachora banksiae subsp. westaustraliensis on Banksia speciosa, Phyllachora tjapukiensis on Darlingia darlingiana, Phyllachora kylei on Dryandra spp., Phyllachora amplexicaulii on Hakea amplexicaulis, Phyllachora grevilleae subsp. clelandii on Hakea clavata and H. vittata, Phyllachora hakeicola subsp. cuttacuttae on Hakea arborescens and Phyllachora hakeicola subsp. tasmaniensis on Hakea lissosperma. We now recognise nine species, four subspecies and one variety within the Phyllachoraceae on Proteaceae in Australia, and Phyllachora rhopalina var. rhopalina and P. rhopalina var. macrospora from South America. In this paper, these taxa are described and illustrated by using interference contrast micrographs. A key to all known species of Phyllachoraceae on hosts in the Proteaceae is provided.

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