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Monograph of Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae)

Gregory T. Chandler, Michael D. Crisp, Lindy W. Cayzer and Randall J. Bayer

Australian Systematic Botany 15(5) 619 - 739
Published: 31 October 2002


A taxonomic revision with full descriptions and key are presented for the 109 known species of Gastrolobium, including 29 new species described here for the first time. Brachysema, Jansonia and Nemcia are formally placed into Gastrolobium and new combinations have been made where necessary. Included in the revision are full taxonomic descriptions for all species, full synonymies, literature references for original publications, typification, including selection of lectotypes where necessary, distributions complete with maps, and taxonomic and nomenclatural notes. New taxa described herein are G. acrocaroli, G. aculeatum, G. alternifolium, Gcongestum, G. crispatum, G. cruciatum, G. cyanophyllum, G. diabolophyllum, G. discolor, G. elegans, Geuryphyllum, G. ferrugineum, G. glabratum, G. hians, G. humile, G. involutum, G. melanopetalum, Gmondurup, G. musaceum, G. nudum, G. nutans, G. reflexum, G. rhombifolium, G. semiteres, G. tenue, Gtergiversum, G. venulosum, G. whicherensis and G. wonganensis.

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